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Finnish companies at EuroTier 2018: Innovative agrotechnology boosts farm efficiency and livestock health


The excellent quality of food produced in Finland is based on high standards across the agricultural industry, including the use of modern agricultural technology and ensuring the well-being of farm animals. Digitalization, smart solutions and automation are already widely used in Finnish livestock farming – saving time, enabling greater efficiency and providing better conditions for farm animals than ever before.


With sustainability becoming a key factor for consumers and producers, Finnish solutions for smart farming are attracting increasing international interest. Finnish agrotechnology companies invest heavily in quality control and product testing to make farms more profitable and eco-efficient.



Companies and minister of agriculture address EuroTier themes


Digitalization and animal health are also headline themes at EuroTier 2018, held on 13-16 November at Hanover Exhibition Centre, where leading Finnish agrotechnology companies will be presenting their innovative products and solutions. They will be accompanied by Finland’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä, who is himself a farmer and an entrepreneur.


“A food system, which produces safe and tasty food products in a way which is sustainable, resilient and supportive of the health and welfare of farm animals, requires that all parts of the system work for mutual goals. The right technology has a key role to play at all levels of the system and in its connections to a wider Bioeconomy, not least at the farm level,” says Leppä.


The joint Agrotechnology from Finland stand is located in Hall 26, Stand D34. Some Finnish companies also have their own stands (details below).


JPT Industria and Demeca are two of the Finnish companies coming to EuroTier, showcasing products that are designed to improve both farm efficiency and livestock health.



JPT Industria’s FaMix 25 feed factory


JPT-INDUSTRIA (Hall 26, Stand D34a) is an innovative feed factory manufacturer from Finland, established in 2007. Its FaMix 25 is a fast and cost-efficient modular livestock feed factory built inside a shipping container, capable of producing up to 2500kg of feed per hour. The automated feed mixer is controlled with a touch screen, enabling the flexible production of healthy feed to the highest EU quality standards.


“FaMix 25 provides a compact and ready to use solution for poultry farms, pig farms, dairy and beef farms. It is easy to change the feed recipes and the unit can be conveniently moved to another location when required,” says Juha Hööpakka, Sales Manager, JPT-Industria


All the equipment is pre-installed in Finland and delivered to the farm, ready for use. Compared to other feed solutions, FaMix 25 also has good collateral value for financing and resale purposes.



Demeca’s Kaira slurry pump improves farm hygiene


Founded in 2008, DEMECA (Hall 26, Stand D34d) specializes in sanitation and ventilation solutions for farm buildings, enhancing the welfare of the livestock and improving the profitability of farming businesses. The Demeca Kaira crushing sludge pump is a powerful and reliable machine based on years of testing and development.


“The pump is designed for crushing thick slurry and pumping it over long distances. The homogenized slurry is easy to spread even if it contains silage or straw, and absorbs better in the field, reducing wash and nutrient loss. The homogenization also speeds up decomposition in a biogas plant,” explains Pekka Vinkki, CEO, Demeca.


The pump’s smart control unit enables self-cleaning, reduces blockages and helps to solve gutter flow problems in cowsheds.



Other Finnish companies at EuroTier 2018


KOMETOS (Hall 26, Stand D34c) manufactures module production facilities that are suitable for various sectors of the food processing industry in need of hygienic, high-capacity and, if necessary, modifiable and expandable production plants.


FARMTOOLS (Hall 26, Stand D34e) is one of the top oil tank companies in Finland, manufacturing tanks for the storage and transport of fuel oil, and providing safe, practical and environmentally friendly solutions.


MPH PRODUCTS (Hall 26, Stand D34f) provides diverse engineering works and steel structure (EN1090) services, and also designs and manufactures metal industry products for agriculture and industry, including graders, ditch ploughs, screw levelers, snow blowers, mulchers, small wood collectors and bale trailers.


ANTTI-TEOLLISUUS (Hall 26, Stand D34b) has more than 60 years’ experience in serving the agricultural sector, providing outstanding products and solutions for grain handling, including dryers, storage, grain processing and automation.


AVANT TECNO (Hall 26, Stand G09) is a leading manufacturer of compact wheeled loaders.


FIGEN (Hall 15, Stand E37a) delivers genetic progress to pig producers through high-performance gilts and boars from healthy Finnish nucleus herds.


NIPERE (Hall 21, Stand K13) is a metal industry company designing and marketing mill and fodder mixing systems for agricultural and industrial needs.


NORD MILLS (Hall 21, Stand B15) manufactures grain handling and heating machines and devices.


PELLON GROUP (Hall 27, Stand H38) offers complete solutions for milk, pork and beef production.




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