Why Finnish Agrotechnology?

Reliable and Practical from Harvest to Market


Farmers know best


Customer collaboration is at the heart of Finnish agrotechnology. In a relatively small country, it is easy to involve end-user in product development. It also explains why most Finnish manufacturers consult with local farmers when coming up with new products and services.


Weatherproof technology


Finland’s weather conditions are exceptionally harsh, with extremely cold winters and short summers. So Finnish agricultural machines need to be tough and easy to maintain. There is no other option. If the harvesting season lasts only 2-3 weeks, your machinery simply cannot fail.


Quality above all 


Finnish agrotechnology is recognized internationally for its high-quality solutions. Nearly all Finnish companies operating in the sector are ISO 9001:2008 certified, with several companies supporting 14001:2004 environmental certification. Moreover, Finnish argrimachine companies invest heavily in quality control and product testing. 


Sustainable. Safe. Trusted.


Sustainability comes first


In Northern Europe, waterways and plants are especially vulnerable to the environmental impact of agricultural practices. No wonder, sustainability comes first when Finns rollout new acrotechnologies. In Finland, increased productivity must always take into account the needs of Mother Nature. 

Safety through innovation


Product safety is serious business for farmers and agribusiness professionals. That’s why Finnish manufacturers are continuously investing in safety-enhancing innovation. 


Trusted investment


Winter, spring, summer, fall – Finnish agrotechnology is an investment you can trust for years to come. Payback times range from 3 to 8 years, with miminal downtime and upkeep costs. Finnish agrimachine makers also provide first-class spare part and support services, with fast global delivery. Machinery and equipment can also be upgraded or scaled up to meet growing demand.